A design office dedicated to your Collection developments

Focused on innovation, the design office follows your projects from inspiration to the shipment of prototypes, in rhythm with the collections (PAP or Haute Couture) and fashion shows.

To be responsive, with all the requirements of the Luxury sector, we have gathered in a unique workshop of employees with specific skills and machines for your developments.

A team of technician-programmers are dedicated to research, development, and collection creation. We offer all types of knitting thanks to our varied machine park. The machines are used mainly and primarily for the development of your collections, so the progress of your developments are not impacted by ongoing productions.

The design office also houses a mini tailoring workshop with a dozen prototypers specialized in all types of assembly and finishing: sewing, linking, overlocking, washing, shaving, etc. In order to add richness to your product, we master many hand and embellishment skills for entire models or accessorization: hand knitting, crochet, macramé, embroidery (small / large drawing, all over, openwork embroidery, quilting, lettering, logos…).

We advise you technically in the development of high-end products:

  • a modeling/cutting service to conceive your sketch
  • the choice of the knit adapted to a model, a shape, a target price…
  • the type of machine and the gauge to be used
  • the choice of yarn; we work in close collaboration with many Italian and Japanese spiners. Our stock is frequently enriched with both classic and fancy yarns.
  • a wide selection of samples in our swatch library and prototype archive
  • the treatment / washing adapted for an optimal hand feel and hold

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Maille Création is equipped with a large and diversified machine park allowing it to always better adapt to the most demanding requests.

Our team of pattern-graders manages the standardization models for production.

The clothing workshop is made up of qualified personnel and assembly machines efficient.

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