Maille Creation contributes to sustainable development and addresses its challenges.

Maille Création integrates social and environmental concerns into its activity and in its relations with stakeholders. Our SCOP practices corporate social responsibility (CSR) and therefore seeks to have a positive impact on society and the environment:

The governance

Inherent to its status as a Cooperative and Participative Company (SCOP), Maille Création ensures transparency,  leadership or control is exercised democratically.

100% of the company’s partners are employees; each associate employee has one vote, regardless of their status, seniority and the amount of capital invested. Associated employees elect their managers and participate in strategic decisions.

the environment

Committed to controlling our energy intake, in 2019 we built a photovoltaic power plant (“solar park”) near our workshop. The 553 m² of solar panels thus produce more than 50% of our electricity consumption, thus providing renewable, emission-free and local energy.

In 2020, we replaced several appliances (washing machines and heaters) connected to a gas boiler by appliances supplied via our self-consumption solar power plant.

social and work

The company, with the support of its Social and Economic Committee, strives to improve safety and well-being at work. For example, we have been involved in an MSD prevention program since 2018. We have not experienced any work accidents for 10 years.

Each subcontractor accepts responsibility to respect all social and human rights and are regularly inspected.

As a Scop, the company ensures an equitable sharing of the profits; each year, at least 40% of the profit is distributed in the form of employee profit sharing.


To strengthen our production capacities or to benefit from a specific expertise, we occasionally call on subcontractors; we have developed a network of committed subcontractors in Europe.

By virtue of its SCOP status, the company sets aside at least 25% of its income each year in order to invest in efficient and innovative equipment.

the territory

Located in Port-Brillet in the Mayenne department, Maille Création is firmly rooted in its territory, it strives to canvas for local service providers and participates in economic development in rural areas.

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